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The Ford Anglia, a car more commonly associated with quaint British roads and the silver screen, surprisingly found its way into the gritty, adrenaline-fueled world of rallying. This unassuming vehicle, with its distinctive reverse-rake rear window and classic 1960s silhouette, was not the first machine that came to mind when one thought of rally cars. Yet, underestimating the Anglia in the rally scene was a mistake many made to their peril. Its rallying variant, particularly the 105E model, was equipped with a more robust and sprightly 997cc and later 1200cc engine, providing a decent power-to-weight ratio crucial for the rigors of rally racing. Its small size and nimble handling made it a surprisingly agile competitor on the twisting, undulating rally stages, often outmaneuvering larger and more powerful cars with its dart-like cornering and spirited acceleration.

In the hands of skilled drivers, the Ford Anglia transcended its humble origins to achieve a level of motorsport success that belied its unassuming appearance. It became particularly popular in smaller, regional rally competitions where its reliability, ease of maintenance, and affordability were as prized as its performance. The Anglia, in its rally guise, served not just as a competitive machine but also as a symbol of accessibility in the sport, proving that one didn't need the most powerful or expensive car to participate and succeed in rallying. Its presence in rallies across Europe brought a unique charm to the sport, often competing against and triumphing over more established rally cars. Today, the Ford Anglia is remembered fondly by motorsport enthusiasts not only for its unlikely success story in rallying but also as a testament to the era when passion and driving skill were as important as the car itself in the world of motorsports.

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