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Talbot Sunbeam mk1 Polycarbonate Windows

Talbot Sunbeam mk1 Polycarbonate Windows

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Poly-carbonate window kit for Talbot Sunbeam mk1.

Kit contains:

  • Rear screen
  • Right front door window
  • Left front door window
  • Right rear quarter window
  • Left rear quarter window

All windows hand made to order in the UK, and are made from 4mm polycarbonate in compliance with Motorsport UK regulations. Please note that bronzed front door windows should only be used on track and are not UK road legal.

As well as standard 4mm polycarbonate, we can also make kits with FIA compliant 5mm polycarbonate, and in hard-coated poly carbonate - contact us if these meet your requirement, or if you only require single windows and not the full kit.

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