Polycarbonate windows for Lada Cars

We can manufacture and supply full or part window kits for Lada racing vehicles, including the iconic Riva. If you need windows for other models then contact the team to discuss your requirements.

Lada Riva

The Riva, renowned for it's robust and utilitarian design philosophy of the Soviet era. Our offerings include various window kits, with options for customisation and addition of slider kits according to your preferences.

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Lada Rally Cars

Lada, a marque synonymous with rugged simplicity, carved a unique niche in the world of rally sports, particularly during the Cold War era when its vehicles demonstrated unexpected prowess on various rally stages. Originating from the Soviet automotive industry, Lada cars were not the typical choice for rallying but became popular due to their durability and ease of maintenance.

The journey of Lada in rally racing began in the 1970s when the Lada 2101, based on the Fiat 124, made its debut. Despite its humble beginnings and simple design, the Lada 2101 and its successors proved to be surprisingly effective in rally racing. Their robust construction and straightforward mechanics made them ideal for the harsh conditions of rally courses, particularly in Eastern Europe.

During the 1980s, Lada expanded its presence in international rally sports with the Lada VFTS, a specially modified version of the classic Lada 2105. The VFTS was equipped with a more powerful engine, better suspension, and a lightweight body, features that helped it compete more effectively against Western European and Japanese cars. The VFTS became a symbol of Soviet rallying capabilities, achieving success in various regional and international competitions, including the formidable Monte Carlo Rally.

Lada rally cars, particularly models like the VFTS, became cult classics among rally enthusiasts in Eastern Europe. The relatively low cost of Lada cars, combined with their resilience and ease of modification, made them popular choices for amateur rally drivers. Enthusiast clubs and grassroots rally events often featured Lada cars, where their performance could be showcased without the high stakes of professional racing.

Despite the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the transformation of the Lada brand, the legacy of Lada rally cars endures. Enthusiasts continue to restore, modify, and race these vehicles in rally and historic motorsport events. The Lada's reputation for enduring harsh conditions with minimal maintenance continues to attract a dedicated following, particularly in regions where these cars were once commonplace.

Lada's rally history has also had a cultural impact, symbolising a period of automotive history where innovation emerged from necessity. The cars remain a point of nostalgia and pride, featured in films, documentaries, and motorsport exhibitions, celebrating their underdog status in a sport dominated by more sophisticated machinery.

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