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We can manufacture and supply full or part window kits for Hillman vehicles, including the classic Avenger. If you need windows for other models then contact the team to discuss your requirements.

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Hillman Rally Cars

While Hillman may not have the same high-profile presence as some other manufacturers, its legacy in the amateur and enthusiast rally scene is a story of passion, perseverance, and pure driving joy.

Our adventure begins in the post-war era, where the humble Hillman Minx emerged as a rallying underdog with a heart of gold. With its reliable performance and rugged construction, the Minx became a favorite among amateur rally enthusiasts looking to test their mettle on the gravel roads and forest tracks of Europe. Despite lacking the horsepower of its competitors, the Minx made up for it with sheer determination and a loyal following among grassroots racers.

As rallying gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, Hillman continued to make waves in the amateur scene with models like the Hillman Imp. This pint-sized powerhouse may have been small in stature, but it punched above its weight on the rally stages, thanks to its nimble handling and spirited performance. Enthusiasts embraced the Imp for its affordability and agility, turning it into a cult classic of the rally world.

In the 1980s, Hillman enthusiasts found a new hero in the form of the Hillman Avenger. With its sleek lines and robust engineering, the Avenger became a formidable contender in amateur rallying circles. Enthusiasts were drawn to its rear-wheel-drive layout and versatile chassis, which allowed for thrilling sideways action on both tarmac and gravel. The Avenger's rallying success may have been overshadowed by larger manufacturers, but its impact on the enthusiast scene was undeniable.

Despite facing tough competition from other manufacturers, Hillman enthusiasts remained dedicated to their beloved marque, keeping the rally spirit alive through grassroots events and club gatherings. From hill climbs to rallycross circuits, enthusiasts pushed their Hillman cars to the limit, forging friendships and memories that would last a lifetime.

In the 21st century, Hillman's rallying legacy lives on through a passionate community of enthusiasts who continue to celebrate the brand's heritage. While newer models may be scarce on the rally stages, classic Hillman cars still roar to life at vintage rallies and enthusiast gatherings, where their timeless charm and spirited performance continue to captivate audiences young and old.

But perhaps the true magic of Hillman rally cars lies not in their victories or accolades, but in the camaraderie and sense of adventure they inspire among enthusiasts. Whether swapping stories at a local car meet or tackling a challenging rally stage, Hillman enthusiasts share a bond forged by a love of rallying and a respect for the machines that make it all possible.

In conclusion, the history of Hillman rally cars in the amateur and enthusiast scene is a testament to the enduring spirit of grassroots rallying and the passion of those who keep the flame alive. From the humble Minx to the spirited Avenger, Hillman may be small in size but it looms large in the hearts of rally enthusiasts around the world. So, here's to Hillman and the enthusiasts who continue to rally on, fuelling their passion for motorsport one stage at a time!

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