Lightweight impact resistant racing windows

Experience the future of motorsport windows with Polycarbonate Motorsport Windows – where durability meets performance on the fast lane.

With over 200 times the impact resistance of glass and approximately 30 times that of acrylic plastic, polycarbonate windows give the best safety on the track. Their superior heat resistance, improved insulation, and enhanced UV protection make them the ideal choice for intense racing conditions. Not to mention, their significantly lighter weight compared to glass counterparts facilitates easier modification and installation, allowing for swift adjustments tailored to your vehicle's needs.

Beyond the racetrack, polycarbonate windows find applications in various settings, from heavy construction equipment to safety-critical environments, thanks to their unmatched strength and reliability. Whether you're a professional racer seeking the ultimate competitive edge or an enthusiast looking to enhance your vehicle's performance, our polycarbonate windows offer the perfect solution.

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Why are polycarbonate windows used in a race car?

Find out why polycarbonate is used for race windows and how it protects you the most whilst racing.

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