Find out why we do what we do, our values and meet our amazing team

At RacePlastics we are a small team with a big passion for helping people enjoy their racing to the fullest. We know the importance of being safe whilst pushing your vehicle to the limit so ensure that all of our products meets the highest quality control.

Our aim is to: 

  1. Provide our customers with all the advice they need to understand their options for kitting out the vehicles
  2. Guide our customers through the options so they can choose the best option for their budget and requirements
  3. Make only the best products available for our customer, at the best price and available for delivery when you need it
  4. Either help our customers plan their DIY installation, or connect them with an experienced installer

Our company values:

Values are important. They are your DNA. They drive behaviour and decision-making, which is just about the most important things. These are our values:

  • Fanatical Solutioneering:

    We are fanatical about solving people's problems, efficiently, and in a cost effective manner.

  • Open and Honest: 

    We don't spin people yarns when there is a problem. We confront it and deal with it.

  • Action Orientated:

    Making stuff happen is where the fun is, and it is how we have the most positive impact on our customers.

  • Long-term Focused:

    We want to build relationships that last decades not days and a business that can employ our children.

We are not perfect, but everyday we try to make sure we are driven by these.

Our company policies:

We care about stuff. Racing cars, yes, but also how we impact our environment, how we treat customers, employees and suppliers, how we protect your data. Here are the links to our policies:

Modern Slavery Policy

Bribery and Corruption Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

If you would like any more information on anything above, then please let us know.

  • Looking for windows?

    Lightweight impact resistant polycarbonate racing windows for all major vehicle brands and models, available in full kits or individually.

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  • Need a slider kit?

    Our easy retro fit window slider kits are the essential addition to your racing windows with standard and advanced kits available.

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  • Replacing mud flaps?

    Browse our range of mud flaps available in a range of of colours to find the right under belly protection for your rally car's look.

    View mud flaps 

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We love helping our customers find what they need - we are dedicated to making sure you enjoy your passion to the max.