Polycarbonate windows for Rover Cars

We can manufacture and supply full or part window kits for Rover racing vehicles, including the iconic Rover 200. If you need windows for other models then contact the team to discuss your requirements.

Rover 200/25

The Rover 200/25, celebrated for its rally prowess, masters a variety of landscapes, from challenging asphalt to rugged gravel tracks. Our offerings include various window kits, with options for customisation and addition of slider kits according to your preferences.

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Rover Rally Cars

Rover cars, with their British heritage, have had a noteworthy presence in rally racing, particularly during the mid-20th century. Rover's journey in the rallying world has often been overshadowed by more dominant brands in motorsport; however, its contributions have not gone unnoticed among classic car enthusiasts and motorsport historians.

The Rover Company’s foray into rallying can be traced back to the 1950s and 1960s, a period when the brand was synonymous with quality and innovation. Models like the Rover P4 and later the P6 were popular choices for rallying due to their robust construction and capable engines. The Rover P6, in particular, was notable for its use in competitive motorsport. Its 2000TC model was a favourite, providing a good balance of power and handling that was suited for the gravel and mud of rally stages.

In the 1970s, Rover continued to make its mark with the introduction of the V8 engine in the P6B. The power and reliability of the V8 engine made the P6B a formidable competitor in rally events, capable of going toe-to-toe with more traditional rally cars. This period saw Rover achieving various successes on national levels and gaining a reputation for durability.

The 1980s brought change as the automotive industry shifted, and Rover’s focus moved towards other models and markets. However, the enthusiast scene did not forget Rover's rally heritage. Clubs and private collectors continued to celebrate and preserve Rover’s rally cars, often showcasing them in classic and historic rally events.

The Rover 200/25 series in the late 1990s and early 2000s marked a brief resurgence in Rover's involvement in rally sports, particularly in junior and amateur divisions. The smaller, more nimble Rover 200 models were adapted by enthusiasts for rallying, appreciated for their affordability and ease of modification.

Today, Rover's rally legacy lives on through enthusiast clubs and historic motorsport events across the UK and beyond. These cars are often highlighted in exhibitions and rallies, where their historical significance and contributions to motorsport can be appreciated by new generations of motorsport fans.

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