Polycarbonate windows for Toyota Cars

We can manufacture and supply full or part window kits for Toyota racing vehicles, including the iconic Corolla. If you need windows for other models then contact the team to discuss your requirements.

Toyota Corolla

The Corolla, highly esteemed in both racing and drifting circles, has also made significant contributions to rally racing. Our offerings include various window kits, with options for customisation and addition of slider kits according to your preferences.

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Toyota Rally Cars

Toyota's rally history began earnestly with the Toyota Celica in the 1970s. The Celica quickly became a symbol of Toyota's commitment to motorsport, showcasing the brand's capabilities on the international stage. It was renowned for its durability and performance, especially in the challenging conditions of the World Rally Championship (WRC).

In the 1980s, Toyota continued to develop its rally presence with the introduction of the Toyota Corolla AE86. This model, particularly revered in both racing and drifting scenes, also made notable appearances in rally racing. Its lightweight, rear-wheel-drive configuration made it a favorite among drivers for its agility and responsiveness.

The 1990s saw Toyota achieving great success in the WRC with the Celica GT-Four. This vehicle was a technological marvel at the time, equipped with all-wheel drive and a powerful turbocharged engine. It won several championships and stages, solidifying Toyota's reputation as a formidable player in rally racing. Drivers like Carlos Sainz and Juha Kankkunen became synonymous with Toyota's rally success, driving the Celica to numerous victories.

Entering the 21st century, Toyota shifted focus to the Toyota Corolla and later the Yaris in the WRC. The introduction of the Toyota Yaris WRC in 2017 marked a renewed commitment to rally racing, with the car quickly proving to be highly competitive. This new era has been marked by technological advancements and a focus on hybrid technology, aligning with global trends towards sustainability.

Throughout its rally history, Toyota has maintained a strong connection with its enthusiast base. Clubs, online forums, and fan events around the world celebrate Toyota’s rally cars, from vintage Celicas to the modern Yaris WRC. These communities share a passion for Toyota's rally heritage, preserving old models and embracing new technologies.

Today, Toyota continues to influence the rally scene not only through its participation in championships but also through its impact on automotive culture. Toyota rally cars are often featured in video games, films, and documentaries, further cementing their place in both motorsport history and popular culture.

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