An essential component for race windows

Window sliders allow the drivers and passengers to communicate outside of the vehicle, whilst also offering ventilation as needed.

We provide a range of slider kits that we can fit to most of the windows that we manufacture - if you don't see what you need below then contact us, as we have a deep library of classic car windows, and of course can make custom windows as required.

Advanced Window Slider Kit

Our Advanced Window Slider Kit, designed for both the driver and navigator sides, is your go-to for a tailored window slider experience. This kit not only promises a custom fit but also includes installation for windows bought from Race Plastics at the same time, guaranteeing a flawless integration.

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Window Slider Kit

Our standard window slider kit offers a customisable solution for enhancing your vehicle's windows. It features a secure and easy-to-use split-pin lock mechanism, allowing installation on both the driver and navigator sides. This kit is designed to integrate seamlessly with windows purchased from Race Plastics, ensuring a perfect fit and straightforward installation process.

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Can't find your kit?

We can produce polycarbonate windows and other parts for pretty much any car so contact us if you can't find what you need.

Why add a window slider?

A window slider kit on a rally car is a clever modification that showcases the ingenuity of rally enthusiasts and their commitment to optimising performance.

The simple, but remarkable upgrade

These kits typically consist of lightweight, sliding window panels installed on the rear side windows of the car. While they may seem like a minor detail, they serve a vital purpose in the high-speed world of rallying.

What are the benefits of a window slider?

The ability to slide these windows open during a stage allows for improved ventilation and communication between the driver and co-driver, essential in navigating challenging terrains and making split-second decisions.

Beyond enhancing airflow and communication, window slider kits also offer a touch of customisation and style to rally cars, reflecting the passion and attention to detail that sets the sport's enthusiasts apart.

It's a small but significant modification that underscores the dedication of rally teams to creating the perfect race car for conquering the most demanding rally stages.

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Want to discuss slider kits?

If you have any questions or need any assistance with window slider kits then contact our team.